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Professional System for Wind and Sandstorm Monitoring

Detection of Hazardous Wind and Sandstorm Conditions

Crosswinds and Sand – A Threatening Combination

During storm signals are set to stop very fast – a storm may affect rail traffic in a serious way. It is especially bad when a train is suddenly endangered by a squall.


In deserts an even more threatening situation arises from sand or dust that is driven by the wind. It obscures the view and the sand build-up on top of the rail may rise to a level where derailment happens. So it is necessary to be warned in time, to be informed about the danger ahead. Therefore a reliable system is of great importance.

Effective Diagnostic System for Extreme Conditions

The wind sensor of the MISTRAL Desert is based on a thermal measuring principle that allows a very robust construction making the device apt for extreme environments. The sand particle detector is sensitive but immune against abrasion. It is based on acoustic particle detection.

The system works without inertia and is therefore able to deliver precise measurements even at very low wind speed. No moving parts guarantee the functionality under every condition. At the same time the construction of both sensor types allows a very long lifetime / MTBF of several decades and needs minimal maintenance.

Environmental Conditions

Environmental Conditions

  • Air temperature range: - 40°C ... + 70°C
  • No abrasion by sand
  • EMC according EN 50121-4
  • Environmental conditions according EN 50125-3
  • Mechanical stability
  • Conform with RoHS

Technical Characteristics

Technical Characteristics

Height of pole 3.5 m to 4.0 m
Connectivity to network via Ethernet and TCP/IP
UPS backup time 30 minutes
Lightning protection 15 kV
Cabinet ventilation air conditioning
Environmental protection IP 66 / IP 68
Availability 99,98 %
MTBF over 10 years
Life cylce min. 10 years